Glendi Featuring Sviraj

The Nisiotes Dancers held a glendi at Chirgotes Social Hall at Ss. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Pacific in Honolulu.  

Sviraj is one of the best known tamburitza bands in the U.S.  Tamburitza is the great multi-ethnic instrumental and vocal music tradition of the central Balkan peninsula that found its deepest roots among Croatians, Serbians, Roma, and Hungarians and it reflects the deep soul, emotion, and melancholy of these peoples.  The group also plays music from other southern European countries including Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania.

The members of Sviraj are life-long friends who grew up together in ethnically diverse Steelton, Pennsylvania.  They learned the music of their Slavic culture and others through many, many performances, jam sessions, and encounters with folk musicians from ethnic communities in the U.S. and the Balkans.
For more information about the band go to

I apologize for the quality of the videos posted below, but the camera is new and I did know how to use the settings.  Normally I would not post videos of this quality but the experience of this evening was magical.  Though the clips do not are not perfect, it is far better to showcase the spirit of the evening than to omit them.  (Please note some of the sounds were overlaid with tracks from the Sviraj album Kolo since I had accidently muted the sound at one point during the evening) 


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