"Let everything that breathes praise the Lord. Praise the lord from the Heavens, praise Him in the heights. To You, O God, praise is due."

It has been said that “to sing at the Divine Liturgy is like praying twice.” We invite anyone interested to join us in learning the hymns of the Church and lead the Congregation in prayer responses. While some knowledge of music is helpful, it is not a requirement; a good voice is most welcome, but a so-so voice is also pleasing to the Lord’s ear.

Interested to join? Speak with our Director, Orest Saikeyvich or our Parish Priest. Choir rehearses each Sunday morning, prior to the Divine Liturgy.

The Ss. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Pacific is blessed to have a choir filled with talented & dedicated singers. Under the direction of Orest Saikevych our choir helps to elevate our spirit during the Divine Liturgy and other services during the church calendar year. It is particularly beautiful that so many family members sing together, raising their voices as one. We thank the members of the choir for their devotion and commitment.

Choir members include:

Sopranos - Patti Ikeda, Tanda Shiroma, Vicki Shiroma, Sonia Higgins, Angeliki Scordilis, Eun-Ae Mann, Dana and Marissa Dimitiron

Altos - Mimi Elliott, Christina Samo, Fran Rizzo, Dina Giannakopoulos, Alexandra Helene

Tenors -Stan Baptista, Eugene Hamamoto, Nicholas Tortora

Basses - Stelio Scordilis, Chris Mann, Shawn Chu

Selected YouTube Audio

Service of the 12 Gospels - Entry of the Cross

Lamentations Service - 1st Stasis

Lamentations Service - 2nd Stasis

Lamentations Service - 3rd Stasis