Byzantine chants are an integral part of Greek Orthodox Services.  The music of the Orthodox Church is renowned for its beauty and ability to put parishioners in a prayerful state of mind.  Byzantine chants are based on ancient Greek tones and many of the chants can trace their origin to the time of the apostles.  Once you step into an Orthodox Church all of your sense are engaged, the beauty of the icons, the smell of the incense and music of the chanters raise our prayers to God’s ears.

Our church has a YouTube channel that prominently features Father John, our chanters, the choir and the parishioners of the church.  Here is a sample audio file.

Chants – On Our YouTube Channel:

Akathist Hymn Service - Clip 8

Orthros Service Highlights

Dormition of the Theotokos Great Vespers - Clip 4

Akathist Hymn Service - Clip 8

Let Everything That Breathes Praise the Lord

 Ss. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Pacific is blessed to have chanters Greg & Alice Malick.  As we listen to Greg & Alice, it is evident that they communicate their love of God through their chants.  Our parish is also honored to have chanters who assist us during special services.  Other guest chanters include: Rdr. Nectarios, Debra Bressem, Andrew Petaroudas & Tyron Emery.

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St Anthony's Monastery has a massive online library of Byzantine chants and liturgical music.  They have compiled an extensive database of over 6,000 pages of Byzantine music as well as mp3 samples.  Please visit their site for a history of Byzantine music

St Anthony's Monastery Divine Music


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