The members of the Parish Council are voted in by the parish with the purpose of serving as co-workers, with the Priest.  They serve with the blessing of our Hierarch and Spiritual Father, toward one goal – the furtherance of the work of the Church.

It is the duty of the parish council to take on projects that support the spiritual life of the parish and to improve and maintain the facilities.  Each member of the Parish Council has also taken on specific areas and ministries for the betterment of the parish.  If you have a project, idea or concern, please feel free to contact one of the Parish Council members listed below.

2017 Parish Council Member & Area of Responsibility:

  • Maria Naval - President
  • Trish Kiladis - Vice President
  • Roni Katsikas - Treasurer
  • Christina Dimitrion - Secretary
  • Andrew Tujios
  • John Kiladis
  • Cleopatra Kritikos
  • Nicholas Kyriakakis
  • Dimitrios Nicholas

Areas of Responsibility

  • Bookstore & Library -​Trish Kiladis
  • Facilities Maintenance - Cleo Kritikos & John Kiladis​
  • Greek Festival - Andrew Tujios
  • Parish Relations & In-Reach - Cleo Kritikos & Nick Kyriakakis
  • Social Media Communications​ ​ – Nick Kyriakakis
  • Special Events - Andrew Tujios & ​Tina Dimitrion
  • Stewardship - Tina Dimitrion
  • Strategic Planning -​Parish Council
  • Outreach & Evangelism - Tina Dimitrion & Roni Katsikas​
  • Youth Ministries & Greek Education - Nick Kyriakakis, Maria Naval, Dimitrios Nicholas

Other Ministries & Contacts:

  • Bookstore - Parish Council
  • Chanters - Greg Malick                    
  • Choir - Orest Saikevych
  • Greek School - Stelio Scordilis 
  • Youth Choir - Stelio Scordilis
  • Nisiotes Dancers - Dianna Graves
  • Philoptochos -  Alma Chu
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  • Social Media: 
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